About Us

Pharmacies participating in Southern Scripts' pharmacy network have the advantage of working with a pharmacy friendly PBM.

Unlike first generation PBMs that have a spread between what your pharmacy is paid and what the group is charged, Southern Scripts does not engage in spread pricing. We practice a pass-through pricing model. We ensure that your pharmacy has access to our nationwide plan sponsors and is provided fair and straightforward reimbursement rates. We also understand the importance of prompt payment and excellent customer service and strive to provide all participating pharmacies with these benefits.

Due to our reputation with pharmacies, we have had the opportunity to work with independent pharmacists to establish preferred networks and co-pays that keep employer's prescriptions local. If your pharmacy is looking for a better way to handle your employees’ prescriptions or have ties with local self funded employers, we may have an opportunity for you. To learn more, contact us at 800-710-9341 or support@southernscripts.net.

  • Pharmacy Preferred Itemized Reporting
  • Clear Remittance Advice
  • No Forced Mail Order
  • 90-Day Retail

The Story Behind Southern Scripts

Southern Scripts was developed by pharmacists because there was a vital need for a 100% transparent/pass-through pharmacy benefit manager. After thirty-four years in retail pharmacy, Nolton Causey RPh had seen plenty of traditional PBM abuse to members, pharmacies and the community. Discussions with LIPA, Louisiana Independent Pharmacies Association, led to the realization that there was a major Fraud Waste and Abuse issue occurring with PBMs and people should be advised to seek other alternatives. However, after searching for a solution to this problem, there was the realization that there was no alternative to the typical PBMs abusing the system.

To solve this problem, Nolton and daughter LeAnn decided to create their own different kind of pharmacy benefit manager. LeAnn Causey Boyd, PharmD, daughter of Nolton Causey, had been working with Beyond Rx, a transparent PBM, for years in managing their clinical program. Her clinical background also led to multiple opportunities with employer groups to manage costs and improve health outcomes by working one-on-one to with employees. Furthermore, all worked daily in retail pharmacy and saw the abuse issues with PBMs and were ready to create something better.

In order to develop this new PBM, help was needed. Kathryn Mobley, MA, joined the team to help develop this still unnamed PBM. With a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and an Organizational Development background, Kathryn was a great fit for the pharmacist team. Years of family business, account management, marketing, management, and business/organizational development added a business and organizational psychology perspective to the family team. Our goal is to provide employers with the tools to provide access to prescription medication in order to achieve optimal health outcomes. This goal must be achieved through wise resource management and elimination of unmerited industry practices. Our mission is to restore balance between the need for sound prescription management strategies and meeting the health needs of employees and their families.