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Southern Scripts simplifies the complexities of the PBM world.
It gives the employer group complete control and choice over their plans.

We offer:

"Open Book" Policy
We operate our PBM with complete transparency and 100% disclosure.
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"No Spread Pricing" Policy
Unlike many PBMs, we absolutely do not practice "spread pricing".
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"Flat Administration Fee"
Our flat claim administration fee is all-inclusive.
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"Free Analysis"
The goal of Southern Scripts is to offer you the best tools to provide prescription medication to your employees so they remain healthy and productive.
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"Optional Services"
Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a partnership of the pharmacist, patient and caregiver. Read More »

About us:

Southern Scripts simplifies the complexities of navigating through the Pharmacy Benefit Manager world by giving the employer group complete freedom, control, and choice as to how they structure their plan. The employer group has the option to choose how they want their prescription benefit plan to function, which pharmacies they want to work with, what reimbursement rates they want to pay pharmacies, what medications they want to cover, and so forth.
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Our Mission

To offer employers a Pharmacy Benefit Management option that restores balance between the need for sound prescription management strategies and meeting the health needs of their employees and families.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide employers with the tools to provide access to prescription medication in order to achieve optimal health outcomes. This goal must be achieved through wise resource management and elimination of unmerited industry practices.